Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am not a dude...

...But I know sports bull shit when I hear it. After college football season, I thought to myself "Thank God I don't have to hear anymore biased sports commentators in love with a player." All I have to say about that is; Superman does NOT sleep in Tim Tebow PJ's. Then the NBA Playoffs came around and I was so sick of hearing about Lebron and Kobe. Now, I love their puppet commercials but anyone that discusses basketball with me knows that I would love to punch Kobe in the face. I didn't know much about Lebron James as a person, but after hearing and reading some of his comments during the Cavs/Magic series I decided I wouldn't mind punching him in the face either. I distinctly remember one of his comments at half time during game 2 where he said one his teammates "missed some of the easiest shots" he had ever seen. Well I got news for you Lebron, you missed some too! Now, even while the Magic were winning the series the commentators were still loving all over the guy. Barf.

Now that the NBA Finals are over and the Magic played their little hearts out, people are trying to talk shit about Dwight Howard. Like the guy didn't try his best! C'MON! But our very own coach, a Yoda of sorts, Stan Van Gundy is speaking out for Orlando's favorite ball player and hopefully putting those criticizing assho...I mean commentators in their place. Quoted in USA Today he says...
"To me, (NBA MVP) Lebron James loses against us, OK? And he didn't play a very good Game 6," Van Gundy says. "Now he's a great player. But nobody wrote that he didn't play a good Game 6. The only story afterward was, 'He needs more help."

He goes on to point out that...
"Dwight misses two free throws, and his offense isn't good enough. ... When Dwight misses free throws, the first question I got was, 'Does it have to do with Finals experience?' When Kobe (Bryant) missed five free throws in Game 3, he was 'tired."
Is it just me or is their some bias going on in the NBA as well? I guess people are a little bit upset that they didn't get their damn Lebron-Kobe showdown that has been hyped up all season long via endorsements and funny puppet commercials. Get over it! The Magic deserved to be at the finals. And if you ask me, the real problem was putting Nelson back into play. I think he messed up the vibe. Not that he isn't a good player, I just feel that Orlando plays as a team and they don't depend on one superstar player (like Kobe or Lebron) to get the job done and when you mess with that team vibe its sure to cause problems. We might not be the champs this year and Dwight might be faced with some ridiculous criticism, but I am so proud to say that I have been a Magic fan since the Shaq and Penny era and I will continue to be a fan even after the Dwight era. Plus, there's always next year!

Here's the full story from USA Today

Monday, June 8, 2009

To all my Tweeples.

Twitter seems to be the hot new ish, but most people don't get it...including me. The only real reason I am on the site is because of work. Our clients expect us advertising folks to be on the up and up of the social media craze, which is also why I am writing a blog. Well, the way I see it, Twitter is just another distraction to my everyday life where I can allow my self-absorded spirit out to play. That's why people like Ashton Kutcher love Twitter... its just another way to promote themselves. Finally, someone has realized this and created a site to review the most self-absorbed tweets. It's hilarious.

One girl tweeted: OMG i was saying how i couldn't afford the gas to fly daddy's jet to the riviera this summer, and this barista totally rolled her eyes at me

Gee, her life must be so rough with the high expense of gas these days. I wonder how much her trust fund was effected be the recent economic recession. Barf!