Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dinosaur For Sale

Isn't he beautiful? If you have driven down Orlando Ave and passed the World of Decor in the past month or two than you must have seen this gorgeous triceratops outside, for sale. I can't believe he has lasted this long without anyone buying him. I remember the first day I saw Tiny (yes, I have named him). I was driving along Orlando Ave on my way to work and looked over to my left and there he was... looking all Cretaceous period and horny. I thought to myself "Damn Amy, if you weren't on a budget you would have to buy that little guy, but I bet he will be gone by the end of the day." However, its been almost two months and he is still there at the glorious World of Decor. I mean, look how good-looking he is!!! If I had the money I would buy him in a heart beat and place in my front yard. Seriously, who wouldn't want a lifesize triceratops?! Help me, help find Tiny a home in which I can come visit. Thank you.

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