Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yes, this is for real.

While on my second trip to Grand Cayman in the past few months I noticed this sign. I was cruising along the east coast of the island when out of the blue (seriously the water is incredibly blue) pops this sign. Now, I have seen some funny signs there... one (along the same road) says "buy one jerk, get second free," which isn't talking about my previous suitors, its talking about jerk chicken. However, the elderly people crossing sign just seems ridiculous to me. The sign is positioned on an open stretch of highway without any sort of crosswalk and the only thing on the other side of the road is the beach. Now, I'm not old and I don't walk with a cane, but I would think strolling across the street to walk down to the beach would be quite challenging. I mean, what are they going to do when they get to the beach?! Walking in the sand is tricky for even me and I am a young, limber twenty-something, I can't imagine the difficulty of walking in the sand with a cane. Plus, not all elderly people walk like hunchbacks with canes.

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