Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jumping on the bandwagon.

It seems like everyone I know recently has started blogging and everywhere I look people are talking about blogs and what makes an appropriate blog and if its ok to call it a blog or should we call it a weblog or is it a web log. Anyways, my point is that even though blogging has been around for probably 10 years minimum now, it seems that just recently its all I hear about. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook... seriously, even Oprah is posting tweets and Lindsey Lohan found out she got dumped via Facebook. "Social Media" (as the ad world calls it) seems to have suddenly caught fire. So I am following the lead of my good friends Julia and Spring and starting a blog (obviously you have figured this out since you're reading it right now).

But this brings me to my next point... The other bandwagon that seems to be popular these days is the baby bandwagon. I feel like I can't pick up the phone without another person telling me they are popping out a kid! Blake's friend Keith and his wife just had a little boy, my friend Michelle is having a baby shower at the end of the month, my childhood babysitter is having kid number two, my landlord is probably at the hospital having little baby Liam (I think that's his name) right now, and then there is my cousin Carrie. While Carrie was visiting over Easter I was spending time with the fam and my grandma felt the need to tell Carrie and myself that we are "worthless" because we aren't giving her any grandchildren. She went on and on about how much she wants to be a great grandmother (keep in mind this is the first time I introduced my g-rents to Blake and she already has us tied together for a minimum of 18 years). Well, two weeks later after Carrie had come and gone we find out that the whole time we were getting shit from our grandmother, Carrie was pregnant! Honestly, she let me be tortured and embarassed by good ole Dolores in front of my new boy. Not cool. Oh well, apparently babies are the new puppies.

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  1. babies = overrated. Pups are way more fun.